I always tell people that your 2 most valuable fishing tools are your phone and computer.  With today’s technology and electronic information sharing, online research provides invaluable information that help predict very accurate weather and fish locations.

Instead of having a bunch of book marks to click through, I decided to create this page that gives a rundown of all the pages I scroll through before heading out on any given day.  If there are any other pages you would like to see added to the list, please email me at:

Your fishing day starts here:


Lake Erie Fishing:

Current and forecast winds

Lake Erie Water Level Displacement – Lake Seiche small craft advisory near shore:

Intellicast Weather Forcast

Weather Radar

Aviation Weather at Lorain, OH:

Forecast Radar:

Lake Vision live camera

Satellite Images:

Lake Erie Water Levels, Barometric Pressure Trends, Wind Trends, and Temperature Trends

Lake Erie Surface Temps

Vermillion Weather Bouy:

Lake Erie Currents

Lake Erie Surface Currents:

Niagra River Flow Charts:  (Used to predict the west to east current on Erie),00060

Ohio Game Fishing Lake Erie Reports:

Lake Erie United Warm Water Species Reports:

Walleye Central Fishing Reports: reports

Wheatley Steelhead and Walleye Reports:

Erieau Steelhead and Walleye Reports:

Lake Erie Report:


NE Ohio Steelhead river fishing:

Steelhead Alley River Levels:

OSD Blog:

Ohio Game Fishing Steelhead Talk:

The Weather Chanel:


Miscellaneous Resources:

Detroit River and Lake Erie Reports: