Ryan scores a 2nd place on the National Walleye Tour:

Watch Ryan compete on the biggest stage in the National Walleye Tour:

News Channel 5 Walleye Tournament Preview

Lake Erie – the best walleye fishery around:

Nice Erie Walleye:

Erieau Steelhead trip:

Morning commute on the Detroit River:

Greg Yarbrough and Ryan Buddie in the 2013 MWC Huron tournament for a 7th place finish:

Trolling “the school” for Lake Erie walleyes:

Rigging Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards for Walleye Fishing:

Walleye Wisdom Recap Video:


Walleye Wisdom Seminar Preview:


Steelhead Alley Fishing with Ohio Steelhead Drifters:


Ryan Buddie in the World Walleye Championships on the Mississippi River: